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Our Services Include:

Sanding & polishing from 12 meter square
Dust free floor sanding
Gap filling in between boards
Floor repairs/board replacements
Floor finishing
Floor fitting of old and new
Floor leveling
Bleaching on wooden floors


A wood floor that hasn’t had a re-sand for many years, will often have the following characteristics.

* Cupped or uneven surfaces.
* An orange appearance where the lacquer has darkened over time ( usually on oak or pine floors).
* An old floor can look very faded and bleached in appearance, often through sunlight.
* Gaps in the wooden flooring due to slight shrinkage.
* The wooden flooring has taken on a black appearance where all the lacquer has worn away.

In most cases all these problems can be rectified and after sanding and polishing, the wooden floor can be restored back to resemble a brand new floor.


The machines used are the best on the market to achieve the optimum finish to your wooden floor. Our machines are 99% dust free and all are fitted with extraction.

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At Forest Flooring we take out extensive repairs, this may involve taking up the existing flooring up and relaying it, if this proves necessary. However, this is only in extreme circumstances, and most repairs are often just a dozen to a small handful of boards. We will often use reclaimed timber to replace old floor boards etc.